Sweet sixteen and full of dreams,
Yonder the valleys and gurgling streams
Mountains ,pastures and frothy seas
She flew in line with the geese.
As the day grew ,the farther she flew;
Till she was, but, a speck in the blue
She ceased at last ,the geese did too;
A perch she’d found, in the land so new.

The land of plenty …or so was it called
But ‘plenty’ never quite left her appalled;
Perched so high ,she was scared she’d fall;
Thought “How safe I’d be ,if only I could crawl”.
Here was a life she’d waited for so long
But now it wasn’t the same merry song,
She’d seen the geese fly and had come along
In hope of better, but how she’d been wrong.

Each day she’d wake to a routine test
Trying her best, to be like the rest
But they were geese and all alike;
Who knew no better than to fly in a line!
Cold and starved, she ached for that nest,
That velvety down of her mother’s breast
The warmth of those who knew her best;
And the fights she’d had..all in jest.

T’was summer, still no scent of plum?
Alas! too far from home she’d come
Home would never see her again,
Life’s just …..a cruel sweet game.
Hurt and fallen, she made up her mind
I am to soar,.. not fly in a line;
A nest I’ll make in a newer land
Into a newer sky ,..my wings shall span.


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